The reason the white silicone head has a smell when unpacking the Europe Magic Wand, is because of the black EVA foam inside the silicone head. The white head itself is 100% silicone and has no health risk.

The EVA foam will gas of quickly, if left in the open. So it is better not to keep it in a box or plastic bag if it smells.

When you buy an EVA mat (yoga or tumbling mats for children), it is usually recommended to leave it in the open for 48 hours before usage. Normally we will do that in the production, but it seems that it is not done properly if you have a strong smell from your massager. However after storage in a closed plastic bag, like in the packaging, it will still have some smell when opened.

Tests of the EVA foam for harmless substances:

The white ball-top silicone head is made of only silicone and colour with a hardener that dissipates during hardening. So the head is 100 % silicone on the outside with a colour mixed in.

To make sure there is no harmless substances mixed in by accident, we test for known substances that is a problem with the skin. You can see the results here.

Test of silicone for harmless substances:

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